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From the Cotton fields to Grammy Nominated "LOVE LETTERS to become the first African American woman on a Day-time Soap to Little House on the Prairie. 


Love Letters 

Ketty Lester's Autobiography




"Ketty has written a book as a personal LOVE LETTER to her fans and the world. Her astonishing story is what fairy tales and the grit of real life are made of. This is the first time Ketty has ever pulled back the curtain on her TRUE LIFE STORY in which she ironically lived out the lyrics of her hit song & "Love Letters".


"Ketty Lester's story of successes -  against all odds - rise from the cotton fields, to the Billboard charts, even a Grammy nomination she didn't learn of for sixty years. The layers of her ground breaking story are steeped in betrayal, unbreakable endurance and hope."


Ketty Lester

Once upon a time, in the 1950s, a young woman was singing in nightclubs and performing on both coasts. She shared the stage with the likes of Maya Angelou, and Tom and Dick Smothers. One day, she was invited to a little jam session, a rehearsal of sorts, to lay down a few tracks in an old garage. She was basically cajoled into doing it, and it was fun. Then, but she shrugged her shoulders, walked away, and thought nothing more about it........until....

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